Mines, Minerals And Ceramics


Mineral Producing State with 81 major and minor minerals

Sole producer of Zinc and Lead in the country
Largest producer of marble in the country
Largest producer of Wollastonite, Calcite, and Selenite
Largest on-shore producer of Crude Oil and second largest producer of Natural Gas in India
Leading producer of Limestone, Copper Ore, Rock Phosphate, Gypsum and Silver
Major ceramic minerals are abundantly available: ball clay, fire clay, silica sand, feldspar, gypsum, china clay, limestone and dolomite

Avenues for Investment

  • Mineral Processing: Lead Zinc, Silver, Copper
  • Cement Manufacturing
  • Fertiliser Manufacturing
  • Petroleum & Petrochemical
  • Lignite based Thermal Power Plants
  • Dimensional & Decorative Stones
  • Glass Manufacturing
  • Ceramic Insulators
  • Ceramic Tiles & Sanitary-Ware
  • Ceramic Table-Ware

Investment Incentives

Rajasthan Investment Promotion Scheme (RIPS) 2019
  • An attractive package of general financial incentives (exemption and subsidies) is available for investors under RIPS 2019.
  • Additionally, 5% interest subsidy for 5 years up to INR 2.5 million p.a. is available on investment in ceramics and glass manufacturing.

Some of the Major Investors

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