MSME Conclave

Thinking Big, Thinking Smart

IR MSME Conclave will bring together a diverse group of notable Micro, Small & Medium business entrepreneurs, investors, thought leaders and policy & opinion makers to discuss the future readiness of MSME sector.

The conclave includes a panel discussion followed by an experience sharing session. The panel discussion - 'Growth Strategies of MSMEs' will demonstrate the synergy between MSME sector, sustainable manufacturing practices such as ZED and newly emerging technological trends, such as artificial intelligence, 3D printing, robotics, cloud computing, blockchain, and so on.

The experience sharing session - 'Learn from the Best. How to scale your business?', will feature eminent industrialists who will share their success stories as well as the role that the State Government has played in creating an enabling investor friendly environment.

8th Oct, Saturday
  |   10:30 am – 1:00 pm
Venue: Ranthambore Hall (JECC, Sitapura, Jaipur)
Emcee Sets the Context and Welcomes all
AV to set up the Context of the Session
Welcome & Introductory Remarks
Mr Mahendra Kumar Parakh Commissioner-Industries & Commerce
Government of Rajasthan
Theme Address
Ms Usha Sharma Chief Secretary
Government of Rajasthan
Panel Discussion:

Growth Strategies: Thinking Big

Session Chairman & Moderator
Mr. Kunal Sood National Sector Leader (Government)
Grant Thornton Bharat LLP
Address by
Mr Rohit Saboo President & CEO
National Engineering Industries Ltd
Address by
Mr S Ramann Chairman & Managing Director
Zero Effect Zero Defect
Mr Adil Zainulbhai Chairman
Quality Council of India
Open House

Learn from the best:
Thinking Smart, Sharing the success stories

Session Chairman & Moderator
Mr. Kunal Sood National Sector Leader (Government)
Grant Thornton Bharat LLP
Address by
Mr Abhinav Banthia Managing Director
Manu Yantralaya Pvt Ltd
MSME Competitiveness: Growth Engine of Economy
Mr. Deep Kapuria Chairman
The Hi-Tech Group
Strengthening the Export Potential
Mr. Sameer Gupta Chairman & Managing Director
Jakson Group
Learn from the Best-Sharing of Success Stories
Mr M Ponnuswami Chairman & Managing Director
Pon Pure Chemicals
Open House

Closing of the Session and IR Summit

Mr Rajiv Arora Chairman
Rajasthan Small Industries Corporation
Special Address
Smt Shakuntla Rawat Hon’ble Minister for Industries & Commerce
Government of Rajasthan
Address by Chief Guest
Shri Ashok Gehlot Hon’ble Chief Minister
Government of Rajasthan
IR Summit Summary & Vote of Thanks
Smt Veenu Gupta Addl Chief Secretary – Industries & Commerce
Government of Rajasthan
Programme is subject to regular revisions.
Last Updated as on 28 Sep 2022.